Man finds large snake in Odessa

Man finds large snake in Odessa

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Monday night, Raymond Dutchover described what it was like to find what he said was a five foot, two inch black diamond rattlesnake earlier in the day.

The former 30-year employee for the city of Odessa said he couldn't stay retired for long that's when he started working for Basin Disposal driving the truck and picking up trash. At 7:15 a.m. off of Michelle and North Sage Street in Odessa, that's when he made the discovery.

"I just looked at it and got my shovel out and chopped the head off," said Dutchover

Dutchover said he didn't want to just leave it there especially in the neighborhood it was found in.

"I killed it because a school bus stops right in that area and picks up kids in the morning and it's dark," said Dutchover.

Dutchover added he's killed at least six snakes in the past year and offered advice to everyone.

"Try to keep the containers where the kids go to school clean because the snakes are out due to the warm weather," said Dutchover.

Dutchover said for safety precautions he shines a light under the containers so he can be able to see if there is a snake.

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