Phone scams targeting local businesses

Phone scams targeting local businesses

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We spoke with local business owner Rhonda Roe, who owns Back in the Day Cafe in Midland. She said the crooks know what they're doing and are after your money.

Roe says she got the call around lunch time Friday, her busiest time of the day. The caller said if she didn't pay up for past due bills, they would shut off the electricity in 30 minutes, which is something that wouldn't go over well with a cafe full of customers.

But the caller left her feeling suspicious, so she got on the phone herself.

"Because I was caught up in my bill, it did not make any sense. I was not past due but because they told me it was because of my electric company not making payment to them. Because we all know ONCOR has all the electric companies, you know that kind of made me wonder. But when they said someone coming out within 30 minutes I kind of suspected then, it wasn't right. No one does that," said Roe.

We spoke with both ONCOR Energy and Hudson Energy, who both said they received several calls from customers about these threatening scammers.
It's not just businesses being targeted, everyone who pays an electric bill should be aware of the scam calls.

The utility companies are reminding customers that they will never demand you to make a payment over the phone. They will always send you a notice through the mail if you're behind on the payment.

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