Fuel your school program fuels Zavala Elementary with new materials

Fuel your school program fuels Zavala Elementary with new materials

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For the third year, the Fuel Your School program has funded West Texas classroom materials. Last year, Chevron helped fund projects in 62 public schools throughout Midland and Ector Counties.

Juan Fuentes, a teacher at Zavala Elementary, sought funding for new materials to increase his students math and literacy skills.On Monday, thanks to Chevron and Kent Kwik, his wish was granted.

The new materials were provided for shark, skates, and ray fossil discovery and you could see the excitement in both Mr. Fuentes' and his student's eyes as they opened the boxes.

"It was like Christmas for them, we love it," said Bill Kent, President and owner of Kent Companies. "It makes us feel good and I think it certainly makes Chevron feel good and we both believe so strongly in education, how do you beat this."

Even you can help fund these materials. All it takes, is something we do every day, filling up at the pump.

By topping off at any Chevron or Texaco location in Midland or Ector County throughout October, you help make a difference in these students lives.

Chevron donates $1 for every eight gallons and it's all for one cause: education.

"Education initiatives, especially with a focus on STEM curriculum. We believe are going to give kids a better chance to land quality jobs in the future if they decide to go onto secondary education, it's going to set them up for a much stronger education," said Sarah Hughes, Public Affairs Representative for Chevron.

Any teacher who wants funding for new materials can make a submission at http://www.donorschoose.org.

The Fuel Your School program is a part of Chevron's support for education.

It has totaled over $300 million worldwide since 2010.

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