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Midland woman warns others after drive by shooting

(Source: Rachel Jaques) (Source: Rachel Jaques)
(Source: Rachel Jaques) (Source: Rachel Jaques)
(Source: Rachel Jaques) (Source: Rachel Jaques)
(Source: Rachel Jaques) (Source: Rachel Jaques)

A Midland woman is keeping her eyes open after a drive-by shooting that occurred Friday night.

She calls it, a terrifying experience. After hearing five gunshots fired, homeowner Rachel Jaques is still shaken up.

"That night, I didn't sleep at all," said Jaques.

Jaques said she was asleep when she heard loud pops coming from outside.

"I heard boom, boom, pause and boom, boom."

The shooter fired shots leaving holes in her truck close enough to almost hit the gas tank.

"If it had blown up, house caught fire, so many things could've happened," she said.

The shooter didn't only shoot through the truck, the bullet went through the living room and stopped right inside the fridge.

Jaques was sleeping in the living room with her granddaughter, the same room the bullet flew through and pierced through the walls. She said the thought of it almost hitting the family, makes her emotional. 

"I just want to know why? Why us, what did we do? We are quiet people. No enemies."

Now she is looking to get a home surveillance system, which police say will usually help with to catch the suspects doing their crime late at night.

"It's not necessarily anyone's fault that happens to them," said Sara Bustilloz with the Midland Police Department. "But you can do things like turning the light on to prevent this from happening to you, or if it does happen, you have that home surveillance footage, that helps us catch the guy real quick."

She asks for neighbors who may have surveillance footage to check for any suspicious activity that night. Although no one was hurt, Jaques said she wants others to be aware so that this doesn't happen to her or anyone again.

"You hear it happening to other people but when it's you, it's very scary," said Jaques.

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