Families walk for suicide prevention to honor loved ones

Families walk for suicide prevention to honor loved ones

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The number of walkers at the Memorial Gardens Park in Odessa is just a small amount out of millions who have loved and lost.

Families and friends walked at The Permian Basin Out of the Darkness walk, a nationwide movement to bring awareness to suicide prevention.

"Prevention is key," said event coordinator Amanda Beaman. "Suicide is still preventable."

Beaman said this walk brings families together who have also experienced loss like she did.

"I lost my brother in 2011," said Beaman. "I do this in his memory so that another family doesn't have to feel what my family feels everyday."

But families can still feel the pain that still remains.

"She was always laughing, she liked to tell jokes, she was real sweet, she gave the warmest hugs," said Brittany Martinez, cousin of Bevanie Wade, who lost her life a year and a half ago.

Wade's family spent their day to honor, remember and celebrate her birthday a year and a half later without her.

"We don't have answers," said Martinez. "We don't know why she left. It sucks because some of us didn't get to say goodbye."

They want others who are suffering to know that someone is always there to listen.

"That's what hurts most, she didn't let nobody know she was hurting," said Martinez. "It's hard to go through something like this and it's not easy."

To find out how you or someone can get help, contact the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. They are a 24 hour, seven days a week crisis line available for those who need help.

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