Penwell Knights Raceway officially reopens

Penwell Knights Raceway officially reopens

PENWELL, TX (KWES) - Penwell Knights Raceway has hosted some unofficial street races for the past few months, helping to raise funds for repairs and to refurbish the track after a bad fire on May 25, 2016.

On Friday, the extra parking that was put in after the fire will be put to good use as racers and spectators have been pouring in since noon on Friday, even though the race didn't start until later in the evening.

Just over four months and $400,000 later, the racetrack is prepared to host their first big event. General Manager, Gary Gardenhire, said after all this time of waiting, it's exciting to officially be back but the wait was well worth it.

"We met a lot of new people, a lot of new business that stepped up and helped make the deal happen, make us get going, back on our feet," said Gardenhire. "We have new sponsors, a lot of new employees out of it. A lot of people volunteered to spend their time out here and help us get it going."

Besides the giant new control room that hovers over the track, there's another noticeable change. The Christmas Tree, as its called in racing terms, and the entire timing system are brand new.

Along with a reminder of where they came from by way of a bible quote Second Corinthians 12-10.

"Basically it's what this place is about," said Gardenhire. "It takes people to make it happen. It takes faith and Christ. The people we have working for us, just the support we had. We started with nothing and we accomplished a lot with the building coming up and the timing system and all the electronics, it's just been all a faith based deal."

Friends of the racetrack and stars of the Discovery Channel T.V. show Street Outlaws were guests of honor at the event.

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