Gov. Greg Abbott visits Midland, talks education, illegal voting

Gov. Greg Abbott visits Midland, talks education, illegal voting

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The City of Midland hosted Texas Governor Greg Abbott Thursday night. Abbott is in town to accept an award.

He took time to talk about Midland education and illegal voting.

Abbott received the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Boy Scouts of America. Abbott said it's special because he was a boy scout himself. Abbott was part of the oldest Boy Scout troop in Texas and is only the third governor to receive this award.

Abbott also acknowledged the Texas education system need some work.

"Our key focus is ensuring we are providing the best possible education in the state of Texas," said Abbott.

The robin hood plan was brought up, pointing out that Midland is rich in property tax and the school district takes a big hit each year.

"I believe the way the structure right now is broken, it has to be fixed," said Abbott. "There's going to be a lot of really good ideas put on the table to find ways to fix them."

Abbott also showed his support for the Texas Voter ID Law.

"The possibility of a lot of people being registered to vote who are not authorized to vote," said Abbott. "A voter ID would be one protection mechanism against people voting illegally."

Abbott said he was especially excited to spend time with the current boy scouts who attended the award ceremony.

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