Midland restaurant owner helping homeless veteran

Midland restaurant owner helping homeless veteran
Retired disabled veteran Bill Johnson (Source: KWES)
Retired disabled veteran Bill Johnson (Source: KWES)

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A homeless veteran is finding help from an unlikely place in Midland. A restaurant owner lets him stay in his parking lot.

Retired disabled veteran Bill Johnson and his dog fell on some hard times in the past few weeks.

Johnson travels across the country learning about geology. He ended up in Midland after wanting to learn more about fracking and its effect on the environment.

Once he got here from Montana, his car broke down.

"I came down here and my ignition burned out and I've spent all my money trying to fix it and it's still not fixed, so there are all these problems here and there and everywhere," said Johnson.

After getting the run around by local mechanics, Johnson had nowhere to go and his car would cost more money than he had to fix it.

"Someone is down on their luck, you try to help them as much as you can," said Popcorn Leonard.

Leonard owns the King and I restaurant. He saw Johnson parked nearby and invited him to bring his car over to his parking lot.

Since then, Johnson has been showered with kindness from strangers.

"They've brought me waters and chickens. I've been sitting in the park. Everybody has been so friendly to me here in Midland. It's just wonderful," said Johnson.

Leonard brings Johnson food once a day and allows him to use a restaurant to clean up.

Johnson said he is thankful so many have helped him.

"I appreciate anyone that wants to help me. I'm not going to insult someone who wants to assist me with something. I wouldn't do that. I'm not a jerk," said Johnson.

Johnson said he is looking for a place to rent that's not too expensive so he can work on his car.

Leonard encourages anyone to come out and help Johnson if they can. The King and I is located at 801 N Big Spring St.

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