City of Big Spring revamps their ordinance affecting food trucks

City of Big Spring revamps their ordinance affecting food trucks

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The city of Big Spring has made big changes to the way they will be working with food vendors.

Food truck vendors who are permanent residents in Howard County will not have to pay a fee. Visiting food trucks will pay for a permit, $125 for a year or $75 for six months. The city council also agreed to leave hours of operation up to the vendors.

Vendors were recently hit with a peddles permit having to pay $50 every 10 days, were limited to 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. work hours and were forced to close on Sundays.

During Tuesday night's city council meeting Big Spring Police Chief, Chad Williams said the current ordinance didn't apply to the fixed location food vendors and called the ordinance outdated.

Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan said the current fees were excessive.

"We have to pay our sales tax, we have to pay our business tax. You know, all the taxes, everything just like a regular restaurant, we have to pay that," said Wright's Grill owner Linda Burchett. "This year it'll help put more money in the small businesses. Some people have very very small trucks and they're on limited incomes and they're just trying to survive."

Peddler's fees are gone for good. Food vendors were paying $50 every 10 days per worker.

New truck owner, James Fox has up to four people working inside.

"Now that it's gone I can do more events and pick and choose which ones because a lot of people are on a budget around here anyway," said Fox.

Burchett said several food trucks closed because of the peddler's fee and she expects them to re-open soon.

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