Lawsuit against Andrews County Commissioner dismissed

Lawsuit against Andrews County Commissioner dismissed

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Judge Jay Gibson dismissed the lawsuit filed by two county workers against Andrews County Commissioner for Pct. 1 Barney Fowler.

The lawsuit alleged misconduct by Fowler and the two claimed they could not do their jobs for the county with him as commissioner.

According to Judge Gibson, he did not believe this lawsuit was the right action to take on these allegations.

"We're not going to allow him to take us down, we're not," said complainant Tonya Locklear. "We've gone this far and we're going to go all the way."

Fowler was not available to talk on camera but over a phone conversation he said he's glad the judge made the right decision and has no opinion over the women seeking further action against him because he says he's innocent.

Attorney O. Machelle Morris says the women will seek further action

Morris said, "We will be filing restraining orders in order to remain a sense of calm for these ladies and their workplace." Morris also said she  will also file a right to sue letter, this will help them determine what kind of case they can pursue.

"We're hoping that this calms him down to where he doesn't," said complainant Dee Ann Collinsworth. "He doesn't just do it to us, there are a lot of people in the county that he bullies and has made victims."

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