Students, staff working through closed campus at Ector County I.S.D.

Students, staff working through closed campus at Ector County I.S.D.

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Open campus for seniors only at Ector County I.S.D. has been in effect since the school year started and it still has its kinks as it's moving through the transitional period of this new change.

What started as open campus for students is now for seniors only and Superintendent Tom Crowe said he got his idea for a new change after multiple parents expressed concern.

"We had two students die, one is too many," said Crowe.

In both of those situations, students were out around noon.

Crowe says truancy, safety and discipline are all added reasons for making the change.

He believes it was a good decision.

"We're trying to look out for the safety of the kids, get them back to campus, keep them on campus for educational purposes," he said. "At the same, it's not perfect. First year, it's never gonna be perfect but our campuses, I think, are doing a good job of trying to work through it."

Crowe said it is crowded right now with three lunches and maybe next year they can have four or five.

Mainly students were opposed to the change and he said he hasn't spoken to a parent or business nearby who was opposed.

Crowe has seen closed campus as a trend across most schools that can accommodate it here in West Texas.

Now students are wondering if it will be completely closed campus in the future and Crowe said that is something right now that is uncertain.

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