Ector County Commissioners discuss courthouse smell problem

Ector County Commissioners discuss courthouse smell problem

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Since Ector County first began cleaning the courthouse, they have reportedly removed four tons of pigeon poop. To put that in perspective, that's around the weight of two SUV's.

County Building Maintenance Director Octavio Carillo said the poop has actually been cleaned out and they clean off any new build-up every weekend. But in the last month, county clerk employees have felt sick, experienced rashes and have been moved out of office for days at a time.

Even though the building is supposed to be clean now, County Clerk Linda Haney said the smell hasn't gotten any better.

"And we now have been moved back in for 11 days," said Haney. "And we're still experiencing some really strong odors, sewer gas. So I'm not sure if the pigeon remediation was effective in that end, however, the rashes have been alleviated."

Precinct 4 Commissioner Armando Rodriguez said he wishes he would've known more when the cleanup began. He said instead of working on weekends or moving out the clerk for portions of three weeks, he thinks they should've just closed the building for a few days to find the source of the smell.

"It's like, for example, the possibility if they cleaned the grease trap at least once a month or something like that, that could be some of the problem," said Rodriguez. "A lot of things could be added to it. But if nothing has really been done to it, nothing can be done. But if we got everyone into the same boat, I think it would've been solved much easier."

As of Monday, the county is looking to use a smoke bomb test to see if there's a leak in the pipes. Haney said there will be no health risk for the public but she has already received complaints from residents.

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