Odessa boy donates all of his birthday money

Odessa boy donates all of his birthday money

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Ten year old Odessa boy O'Rion Callender has had a rough start to his school year. When his birthday came around on September 19, all his mom wanted was to make his day. But he's the one who ended up improving someone's day.

O'Rion has autism, his mom said this is why children at school have bullied him in the past. She realized how bad it was recently and with his birthday in mind, asked her Facebook friends if they could help by sending him gifts, even if it was just a card to lift his spirits. Then, on his birthday, he got the cards, plus a surprise visit from some cool friends.

"So then I'm just confused," said Callender. "Then I hear a bunch of engines, which I thought was just one big engine. But no, it was a bunch of bikes. Like, 20, just pull up in front of the house"

All of the bikers, the southern dogs, gave him presents and cards, the cards of course he spent the most time on. Along with the cards came the money, what O'Rion said totaled up to around $200.

But instead of using it on toys or "Pokemon Go," one of his favorites, he bought every fire department in the city of Odessa pizza.

He said he wanted to give them something for all the hard work they do as it goes unrecognized at times and that giving made him feel good, and he would do it again, even if it meant no special recognition.

"Just well not really anything to be honest," Callender said. "All that went through my head was like, oh my god, oh my god, I feel so bubbly inside."

The department gave him tours and let him see the trucks and ambulances. O'Rion said he wants his other gifts, some of them gift cards, to be donated or used to get homeless people in the area something they need.

He also said that since classmates found out about what happened, the days at school have become increasingly easier.

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