Concerned mother asks Andrews ISD for special needs aides

Concerned mother asks Andrews ISD for special needs aides

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - Claudia Fernandez, the mother of two autistic kids, is asking for the Andrews Independent School District to do something for their special needs students.

"They are humans, too," said Fernandez. "They have feelings like anybody else. They need the attention like anybody else. They need double the attention."

School officials called her Monday morning telling her that her 13-year-old son left school grounds. She said he got upset in class and walked out the school doors. But she said this isn't the first time he went off school grounds unsupervised.

"I asked him what happened," said Fernandez. "He said, 'Mom, my brain couldn't take it no more. My head was telling me no more work. I'm so upset, I don't know what to do.'"
She drove to the school, desperately asking officers to start searching for her son. Worried that he could be anywhere in danger without an adult.

"That's when they were sitting there trying to figure out what they're going to do," said Fernandez. "That's when I told them I'm not going to sit there and wait. I'm going to look for him. They both turned around and said, 'OK, when you find him let us know.' I just walked out there. I was crying."

Fernandez said her son walked from campus all the way to Northwest 8th Street, which is about 17 blocks from the school.

Now, she's putting her foot down and wants Andrews ISD to have a special needs aide to supervise autistic kids when they get upset in class.

"I was crying, upset, what mother wouldn't be? I stressed out to y'all. I've been stressing out, he needs that aide. I've been telling y'all for the past two years."

She said she had a hard time speaking to school officials and not getting calls back. She's pushing a step further to call the Board of Education in Austin.

We reached out to the administration office, they told us the superintendent was out until Monday.

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