Former Greenwood Ranger Inspires at Pep Rally

Former Greenwood Ranger Inspires at Pep Rally

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - A Greenwood legend was back at home with words of encouragement to this generation of Ranger Football.

Cody Hollums graduated from Greenwood High School in 2003. He was a member of the state qualifying Greenwood Rangers in 2002.  He made a spirited appearance at Friday's pep rally.

"It's been a while. It was an awesome experience, getting to play football, here. My senior year, we went to state, really had a good team and really had a lot of fun, that year," Cody recalled.

A former, professional bull fighter, Cody was stepped on, by a bull, as he was protecting a fallen rider, in October 2012.  Thankfully, he's back on his feet, good as new. But, it wasn't easy.

"Thank the good Lord, I'm where I'm at. I got what I got, back. But, it was, dang sure, a learning experience. It made me stronger. It made my faith in God a lot stronger, that's for sure. But, it was tough," he commented.

Head coach Shad Hanna hopes Cody's message, to his 2016 Rangers, will leave its mark.

"With them, knowing about his history here, I think they'll be really responsive to him and eager to hear what he has to say," Hanna said.

Cody's message, was simple.

"They asked me to give a pep talk. But I'm not here to pep them up. Because, if they're not excited about playing football on Friday night, Friday morning, then it's a little late.  They should have been excited when their heads came off the pillow, this morning and be ready to play football," Cody said.

While it's been fourteen years since he donned a ranger uniform, Cody says it still seems like yesterday.

For some Seniors, this could be the last year they play football. Cody says, they need to give it all they got and leave it all on the field.

"They need to take advantage of it and give it everything they've got. If they play as a team and play hard, they can go as far as we did. That's how we got there," he shared.

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