Greenwood residents continue to struggle with flood damage

Greenwood residents continue to struggle with flood damage

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - The water may not be deep anymore, but at one point, you could swim in it. When homeowners on South County Road 1085 did tell local officials, they were told to build a moat.

Scott White's home suffered around $6,000 of damage on Sunday. He and other neighbors said they were told Midland County would come out to fix the issues within the week or at least help to drain out the water.

But that never happened.

"It's just pure evaporation," said White. "The county's not, they've been out and looked at it but as far as what we were told, they would actually be out here to start working and fixing on it, not a shovel's been lifted at this point."

Even though White wants it fixed, he said neither the County nor the commissioner they've been in contact with are trying to put the community on the back burner.

"I mean he's genuinely concerned about what's going on," said White. "He thought there might be a possibility to do a quick fix and I still believe there's a quick fix opportunity available. But what he's wanting to do and what the county is trying to do, it's going to take a long time to get it fixed."

Neighbors said when they spoke with one commissioner, he recommended building a moat. We spoke with County Judge Michael Bradford, who said it's not the worst idea and they wouldn't need a permit either.

"There's a number of suggestions you can make, but the final decision to keep the property from flooding belong to the property owner," said Bradford. "What they want to do."

Bradford also said the county hasn't helped because it's illegal for county officials to use county tools on private property and they have not received proper permission.

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