Restaurant Report Card: Odessa restaurants recognized as top performers

Restaurant Report Card: Odessa restaurants recognized as top performers

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - This week, one Odessa restaurant didn't do so well at first, but after a second inspection came out on top. In Midland, multiple violations landed one restaurant on our low performer list.

Odessa's Mr. Menudo was inspected on September 6. Two weeks later, all violations were up to code, but let's take a look at why they scored a 74 in the first place.

Health inspectors docked off for several violations:

- Food was not date-marked
- Bleach was not used during the last rinse of dishes
- Food in coolers were not covered
- Food was not kept at the required 135 degrees
- Food and meat were thawed out at room temperature
- They failed to reheat food to 165 degrees before putting it on a hot hold
- They did not have a certified manager or employees

However, two weeks later during the compliance inspection, health inspectors found all of these violations had been corrected and gave Mr. Menudo a 100.

In Midland, Los Fabela's Restaurant and Events off of Highway 80 ended up with a 79.

Inspectors docked off for the following:

- Hot food containers were covered
- Uncovered employee drinks
- No dates, labels on containers
- Uncovered  container of pudding
- Spoon found inside pudding container

However, despite the score of 79, the inspector noted Fabela's was nice and clean. NewsWest9 reached out to the manager at Los Fabela's who said the items that were not labeled were personal items she had bought earlier in the day.

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