Airsoft gun found in ECISD student’s backpack

Airsoft gun found in ECISD student’s backpack
(Source: Ector County ISD)

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Ector County Independent School District is asking parents to be aware of what is in their child's backpack after a student at Bowie Middle School took an airsoft gun to school.

Three students reported to an assistant principal Friday morning they had seen a gun in another student's backpack.

The campus police officer quickly located the student in question, removed him from the classroom and found the airsoft gun.

While it is not a criminal offense, any type of pellet gun, toy gun or replica gun is not allowed at school.

The student will face punishment in accordance to the code of conduct.

The school day was not interrupted and there was no danger to students or staff at the school.

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