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Odessa police departments hold professional driving training for future officers

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At Ratliff Stadium cones were set up obstacle course style for Odessa police department recruits.

They had to pass the driving course today in order to make the next step to put that uniform and badge on.

Recruits are put to the test in stressful situations while driving a motor vehicle.

Through training they learn backing, moving forward, high precision maneuvering, how to avoid objects, and controlled breaking so in a state of emergency they know how to get to their destination in a fast, but safe manner.

"And this course with the closed range the way we have it, it allows them to push them to the limit so that way whenever they encounter a code three situation or a licensed siren situation where they have to go to that call immediately," Corporal Keith Almonte said. "It shows them how to be able to maneuver that car within the abilities of that car and that person driving."

Putting the students in a closed environment helps the students learn safely with room for mess ups so when they get out onto the streets they know how to properly drive a patrol car.

If they can't pass this road test they aren't allowed on the streets in an OPD patrol car.

 Law enforcement feels this obstacle course helps future officers prepare for real world situations.

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