Tall City Rivalry hits Volleyball Court

Tall City Rivalry hits Volleyball Court

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Tall City crosstown rivalry won't just be taking place on the gridiron. There will be some fierce competition on the volleyball court, too.

The Midland High Lady Bulldogs are going head to head with the Lee Lady Rebels, Friday afternoon.

Head coach Amanda Lopez says it's the same feeling whether it's football or volleyball. It's a crosstown rivalry with a lot of pride. It's something both teams want to win. Lopez says it's all about who wants it more. This match means a lot to the team, especially the Seniors.

"Just the fight that they have, the work ethic. You've seen a couple of drills today. The just work, really hard. They have high goals. They don't give up. They love volleyball. Put all that together and that's what our team is," said Lopez.

"This has always been a game that, I know me and the rest of the team have always been looking forward to and I'm just really excited. There's been so much energy, throughout the practice this week. It's just going to be great," commented Senior Setter Lindsey Brenner.

"Kinda a lot of pressure but, also, I know me and my other Senior friends want to make this one, one to remember because it's our last shot, at least, playing at Lee," added Senior Outside Hitter, Ferrell Harper.

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