Store manager reacts after attempted ATM burglary

Store manager reacts after attempted ATM burglary

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Parts of Uncle's Convenience Store's ATM machine was left laying in the doorway on Thursday after two men were caught on camera trying to take off with it.

Odessa Police say two suspects also tried to steal two other ATMs successfully taking one.

Raquel Flores, the manager of the store said, "If they want to get something they are going to get it. No matter where. In a convenience store, it is very common with people doing that."

Flores said the attempted burglary went on for at least ten minutes and the whole experience was a little eye opening.

"As the one taking over this store it's kind of scary but it's my responsibility to make sure everybody is taken care of and nobody gets hurt," said Flores.

Flores said she hopes the store doesn't have to go through something like this again.

"I think we are safer when the store is closed because nowadays you aren't safe anywhere."

Flores said the plan is for the store to reopen Friday morning.

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