Big Spring food truck vendors hit with peddler's permit

Big Spring food truck vendors hit with peddler's permit

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The city of Big Spring is enforcing their ordinance on food vendors requiring them to pay a peddler's permit.

Linda Burchett, owner of the Chubbie's food truck in Big Spring has ran her business for over four years with no issue until now.

"Then one day, we got a police officer that came and served a citation and said if we didn't shut down right now, that we be arrested for not having a peddler's permit," said Burchett.

Now she and other food truck vendors are asked to pay what is called a peddler's permit under city ordinance.

"I'm tired of asking now and I think somebody needs to listen to us," she said. "I did not give up on this."

The permit must be paid $50 every ten days for vendors who are selling their services traveling from place to place and an extra $10 for an additional worker.

"It was just eating us up, the profits on us," said Burchett.

And vendors disagree, saying they have been running their business on a permanent location.

"We figured plus the location, there's a large amount of traffic. We figure we can do good business there," said Denise Hefner with Mama D's food truck.

Although the rule has always been set in the ordinance, it is now strongly enforced. Now, food vendors must pay $50 every ten days and must be closed between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 a.m. They must also be closed on Sundays.

What vendors want to see changed is a reasonable yearly fee and to keep their food trucks open after 6 p.m.

"We took care of everything for the city permit, then they hit us with the itinerary, which we haven't even heard about," said Dennis Day with Mama D's food truck.
Burchett said vendors have tried speaking with city officials but said nothing is being done.

"I called the city attorney and I think she could hear the frustration in my voice," said Burchett. "I was frustrated. I was really frustrated. She made a personal promise that she would schedule a meeting. That doesn't mean these people are going to show up and do anything."

We went to the city attorney's office and spoke to city attorney Kaye Edwards, who told us herself that her name was Sheena and said, "The city attorney is out to lunch." She later hid from the media.

City hall told us the next city council meeting will address the problem this coming Tuesday September 27.

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