Facebook post about police gains attention

Facebook post about police gains attention

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - On Wednesday, Eric Sweetwater's post which referenced police shootings nationally made waves on the internet and throughout West Texas.

In the post he said, "Friends come see me at WestStar Autoplex so we can put you in a brand new car today, before you have a breakdown in the road, and end up dead, at the hands of your local police.

Sweetwater finished his post saying you're never too far from WestStar, #wakeup.

Sweetwater appeared to be referencing the current officer involved shootings throughout the nation.

With that post, his employer was forced to respond on their own Facebook page saying in part:

"In no way does our ownership or management group agree with that post. We wholeheartedly support our law enforcement personnel, locally as well as nationally. We can not be more clear on this subject. That type of behavior is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated."

For some in the area some agreed with the post while some didn't.

Alvolyous Jenkins from Shreveport, Louisiana said, "You got a right to say what you want to say, but you do need to be aware of your consequences of what your saying."

Marcello Hernandez from Lubbock, Texas said, "I don't know who his employer is but they should ask him about that. Find out why he said that."

We reached out to Sweetwater for a comment but have yet to hear back. In the company's apology post, they said they have terminated Sweerwater's employment.

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