Kel Seliger holds town hall meeting in Midland

Kel Seliger holds town hall meeting in Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Senator Kel Seliger travels to towns all across Texas, holding town hall meetings to hear what concerned residents have to say.

Today, Midland was his top priority where he discussed issues on the city and the economy.

All together, he's had 368 meetings and it's all to answer the needs of the residents.

Right now private prisons are a huge controversy after President Barack Obama issued a directive regarding closing private prisons.

Since we have some right down the street in Big Spring, Senator Seliger felt the need to discuss the issue today.

"Private prisons have been around for a long time and I think they perform a valuable function as long as our law enforcement experts feel that they do the job the state of Texas needs to be done," Seliger said. "We also have an extensive system of county jails and state jails and state penitentiaries that are our first responsibility. It's up to legislature to respond to the needs of criminal justice, not determine what those needs are."

Another topic of discussion was the oil downturn here in the Permian Basin and it's effect on the economy.

He says even with oil prices pretty low, we have the best economy in the country, even with the lowest unemployment rates.

While roads and schools are something that will always need work, he says Midland is still one of the best towns to live in.

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