Former Midland College coach arrested in Utah after bomb threat at school

Former Midland College coach arrested in Utah after bomb threat at school

UTAH VALLEY, UTAH (KWES) - Utah County Sheriff's Office confirms that a former Midland College basketball coach, Christopher Craig, is behind bars after he allegedly threatened to detonate explosives at an elementary school in Eagle Mountain, Utah.

According to authorities, Craig called Utah Valley Dispatch Monday afternoon, told them to evacuate the school and that he had explosives in the trunk of his car that he was going to arm. He also later told negotiators that he had a message he wanted to give them.

Craig then walked into the school, warned the staff to evacuate and then left through the front door. The school was immediately put on lockdown.

During the course of negotiations, Craig told authorities he wanted to share his message and if he was allowed to do so, he would let officers arrest him. After speaking to negotiators, Craig allowed officers to arrest him.

A search of his car and home found that he wasn't in possession of any explosives or weapons.

Craig was arrested and charged with threat of terrorism, interference with arresting officer, failure to disclose identity, disrupting operation of a school and disorderly conduct. Utah County Sheriffs say the investigation will remain active.

According to officials, Craig is known to have mental health related issues, though it is unclear if he is currently receiving treatment.

NewsWest 9 is aware of other incidents where Craig was arrested or questioned by authorities for threatening behavior back in 2013. In one case, authorities in Colorado issued a warning to church leaders regarding Craig after he described himself as an Islamist Jihadist and threatened Mormons and Catholics.

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