Greenwood residents dealing with flood damages day after storm

Greenwood residents dealing with flood damages day after storm

GREENWOOD, TX (KWES) - David Brewer has lived on South County Road 1085 for almost 10 years now and says for the last four he's been trying to get Midland County to fix its mistakes before the nightmare scenario happened. Now, his family and neighbors are living that scenario.

"The amount of money that it would take to actually fix this road, the homeowners are going to pay out more than what it would take to actually fix the road," said Brewer.

After last nights storms, at least six homes on one street are flooded, with damages that residents said could reach up to $100,000 in some cases. The water has begun to evaporate, but there's almost no flow, and anytime someone drives down the street the ripples cause the water to move closer to the homes again.

Brewer said his house is almost going to have to be rebuilt from the inside out and this is what he and others feared. He also said it's something he's brought up to the county multiple times.

"We've been asking for this to be fixed for four plus years," said Brewer. "They've been telling us they'll get it fixed. The only thing they've ever done is come in and put in a 36-inch pipe and we're just asking for it to get fixed and fixed correctly. "

Brewer said he has spoken with County Commissioner Robin Donnely and has been for a while. He said the county has told them they had a plan, but the landowner never gave them the permission to do the work.

Brewer said the landowner, Tony Ham, has actually given the go ahead, it just hasn't been done

"He's given that permission a couple of times," said Brewer. "He sent me a text today, saying the county had called him, he gave them the green light to do whatever it is they need. Another neighbor of ours that lives down the street, Robert, Tony had called Robert as well and told Robert, yeah they have the green light to dig a ditch on the east side as well."

Midland County did come out Sunday afternoon to close the road so no bypassers could drive through. We tried to reach out to them and the county commissioner but their offices are closed on the weekends

Brewer says he's not mad at what the county is not doing now as he understands it's dangerous for them to work in the flood water as well. But he and neighbors are mad at the fact that it got to this point.

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