Upcoming tax rate election sees support

Upcoming tax rate election sees support

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As we get closer to the October tax rate election support has come from the Midland Chamber of Commerce and members the Midland Council PTA. They said it is important for everyone to get out and vote either way in the interest of the students.

Jennifer Langford, Treasurer for the Midland Council PTA said, "The Midland Council PTA and all PTA's main goal is to help every child succeed. We felt like if this didn't pass it would have a direct impact on every student in every classroom."

Earlier this week, she along with 29 local PTA presidents voted to support the increase rate which helps the district combat the $25 million dollar deficit.

"I feel like the more cuts we make the more difficult it makes our teachers to be able to teach our children," said Langford.

The three cent net increase brought the district to $1.17/100 valuation meaning the tax on an average $200,000 dollar home would see an additional 46.50 per year.

"None of us want to pay more taxes its unfortunately necessary right now," said Langford.

The Midland Council PTA wasn't the only one to agree with the increase. The Midland Chamber of Commerce also agreed with saying in part: "The Midland Chamber of Commerce believes it is essential that our Chamber, its Members and the Midland community support the TRE to ensure our children receive a quality education."

Langford added when the polls open to choose the best option for you.

"We as a PTA really encourage every PTA member to get involved and learn the facts of the TRE and go out and vote. Whether if you are for or against it," said Langford.

Polls for the tax rate election open on October 8th while polls for early voting begin September 21- October 4th.

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