Restaurant Report Card: Midland restaurants below par

Restaurant Report Card: Midland restaurants below par

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The grades are in for this week's Restaurant Report Card. Two Midland restaurants didn't do so well while restaurants in Odessa performed at the top for the week of August 29.

This week, there are two restaurants that didn't perform above Restaurant Report Card standards.

The Tilted Kilt Pub off of Tradewinds Boulevard in Midland is one of them. They were docked for six violations that include:

- Open employee drinks
- Lettuce containers were not labeled
- There was an uncovered container of black bean patties
- Scoops were found inside the sugar container
- There were no paper towels by the sink
- Inspectors docked off for no thermometers in the reach in freezers

Those violations resulted in a 78 for Midland's Tilted Kilt. We spoke with a manager at Tilted Kilt who says everything has been corrected since the health department's visit.

Outback Steakhouse, also in Midland ended up with a 78 on their inspection report.

Health inspectors found six violations that include:

- Improper labeling of individual packages
- Cold plates were not stored properly
- Uncovered containers of lobster meat and cheesecake
- There were no towels in the ware wash area
- Dirty utensils on the magnetic bar that holds clean utensils
- Outback did not have hot water in all hand wash and ware wash sinks

The hot water was fixed the very next day.

We reached out to the Outback Steakhouse corporate office. They say, "The results of the recent inspection are disappointing and contrary to how we operate our restaurants. We have corrected the items noted and retrained our team to reinforce our high food safety standards."
On a high note, we had a few restaurants across both Midland and Odessa to achieve perfect scores.

Beginning with restaurants in Odessa, Chipotle on 42nd, Hooters on JBS Parkway and several Subways just to name a few, scored a 100.

As for Midland, Carl's Jr off Loop 250, Whataburger on Big Spring Street and El Rinconsito Express off the Interstate, earn a gold star.

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