Odessa residents react to SWAT throughout city

Odessa residents react to SWAT throughout city

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - On Wednesday, SWAT was seen executing search warrants at the 2400 block of West 3rd St. earlier this afternoon and later at 12867 South Beryl Ave.

Police said the presence had to do with the robbery investigation but residents said seeing so many officers was out of the ordinary.

Kayla Bond, a witness said, "I was making enchiladas and he  was going to check the mail and was like you need to got to come look at this, you got to come look at this, there is a SWAT team out here. As I walked outside I heard, Bam! Bam!"

Kayla Bond lives right across from where SWAT at the 2400 block of West 3rd earlier in the day. The Odessa Police Crime scene unit was also on scene. Bond said by her count there were at least 30 officers at the house.

"There were guys with shields, I've never seen so many police officers before in my life. They were all over there, the street was blocked off and they were all in front of this house," said Bond.

Captain Wes Carta told NewsWest 9 at the scene of the second search, the reason why SWAT was called was because the large amount of firearms that were stolen so it's a safety issue.

Bond added she's lived in the neighborhood for a number of years and nothing like this has ever happened.

"The only place I've seen that many police officers is driving by the police station," said Bond.

Approximately 50 firearms were stolen and Captain Carta says they haven't found all the weapons yet. Odessa Police say two of the men were arrested for the robbery while a third person was found with some of the stolen property and they are currently looking for a fourth.

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