NEW DETAILS: Second sibling indicted in parent's murder

NEW DETAILS: Second sibling indicted in parent's murder

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Grace McDonald, 22, was arrested on Tuesday in Arizona by U.S. Marshals. We are told she was in the area for a medical treatment.

Gabe McDonald caught wind of his sister's indictment while sitting behind bars.

"It didn't appear to faze him when I told him what happened, in fact, he already knew. He already heard," said Justin Low, Gabe McDonald's Defense Attorney.

A grand jury indicted Grace for capital murder and criminal conspiracy in the March murder of their parents, James and Jana McDonald.

Police said her brother, Gabe, admitted to shooting their parents. Gabe was indicted in May.

"Even if the case is mostly solved. In this case, there were aspects of the case that we felt was important to continue to work with and we worked with the police department to continue to develop evidence," said Bland.

Grace told police that on the morning of the murder, Gabe told her he was going to kill their parents. She said she thought he was kidding, then heard two gunshots. Now, authorities believe she helped orchestrate the murder.

"She entered into an agreement with James Gabriel McDonald to kill their parents and then they went forward and it happened," said Bland.

Gabe's attorney, Justin Low, has long pushed for a competency trial. He said his client lacks understanding of criminal proceedings and the ability to participate in his own defense.

Low is not surprised by the indictment of Grace. His defense team has already been preparing for it.

"From day one I've had to evaluate her actions and her conversations and things. Immediately those things bring things to your mind that you need to deal with at trial. So I already knew there would be issues there," said Low.

Grace is still being held in Arizona. She will be brought back to Ector County for a hearing. No date is set on when that will take place.

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