Authorities: Alpine High School shooting not a result of bullying

Authorities: Alpine High School shooting not a result of bullying
Alpine High School (Source: KWES)

ALPINE, TX (KWES) - It's now been a few days since the shooting at Alpine High School that left a student wounded and the shooter dead.

The police department is investigating what could have caused this tragic shooting.

We have been told this shooting was not a result of bullying.

The identity of the 14-year-old shooter has still not been revealed.

Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson said his department is more focused on finding the person who made threats throughout the county after the shooting, causing the need for even more law enforcement presence and evacuations.

Dodson said he was in contact with the prank caller through email but hasn't spoken to him since Saturday.

The FBI is now working on tracking his IP addresses.

Dodson said regardless of what happened, the community is safe.

"When it happens here, it hits the heart of America because if this happens in Houston. It's like people don't have no faces. We knew everybody, we know everybody when you see them in town," said Dodson.

As for the victim who was shot, a friend told us she has some pain but is feeling better. She expects to return to school sometime this week.

We are expecting to get some more information on the shooting in the coming days and the Alpine Police Department will be releasing a statement.

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