New budget, tax rate finalized for city of Midland

New budget, tax rate finalized for city of Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The staff recommended budget was approved by the Midland City Council on Tuesday with a $1.4 million increase. Now, this presents a big burden to property taxpayers.

An increase for the property tax rates was also passed for the second time by a vote of 5 to 2.

Midland City Councilman, J. Ross Lacy was one of the votes against the tax rate item on the agenda.

Lacy offered several solutions so that the effective plus three percent wouldn't be passed but regardless majority voted for the increase.

"We need to lead by example. There were solutions offered on the table and the majority of the council refused to look at them and just move forward by increasing your taxes by another $1.4 million," Lacy said. "That is completely unacceptable. That's not the type of government I believe in and I could not support it. I tried my best. I'm glad Councilman Sparks joined me so we could at least have a discussion about it, but it is apparent that the majority of council has no problem raising your taxes and is not receptive to making significant cuts to the budget."

This means taxes will be raised by three percent and Lacy said he wasn't surprised the new rate was passed but he will continue to fight it and hopes the City Council will visit the issue again.

The new rate will take effect immediately and come October residents will start seeing a change in their property tax rates.

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