Pecos High School Pays Respects to Alpine before game

Pecos High School Pays Respects to Alpine before game

PECOS, TX (KWES) - Following the active shooter alert at Alpine High School on Thursday athletic coaches made the decision to cancel their Junior Varsity game and delayed the Varsity football game against Pecos tonight at 7, but not everyone at the game was actually focused on the game itself.

Although there was a football game tonight, it was more about the community one of the team represents rather than the team itself.

After the fans began to pile in and the band had taken out its instruments, it started to feel like it was time for football again in West Texas.

But instead of going straight to a national anthem or the coin toss there were a few pre-game events to take care of.

Pecos High School held a 9/11 remembrance reading on the field, along with the pregame prayer and a moment of silence, almost completely student led.

"We thought we needed to do something in remembrance of 9/11," said Artemio Ontiveroz, Pecos High School Principal. "Through the week we had some tragedies happen throughout the neighboring cities, neighboring towns and we thought we would try to commemorate their tragedies and acknowledge we're keeping them in our prayers and doing our best as a community in the state of Texas."

Alpine fans, students and faculty were very thankful for the symbol of hope and prayer from Pecos but they say things will still never be the same in their little city.

Band director Chuck Wilson, who's lived there for 30 years, says it's something he wasn't prepared for.

But as a teacher, father and person in general, he's got to be strong not only for himself, but for the people around him.

"I think this has been a really, really healthy thing for us today," said Band Director, Chuck Wilson. "When we do talk, we let them talk about whatever they need to talk about and I express my feelings and what I went through so they realize we had the same experience."

Pecos High School Principal couldn't get himself to say he was cheering for Alpine; he did say he hopes something good happens for them because they need it.

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