Former congressman: Innocence of Alpine taken by tragedy

Former congressman: Innocence of Alpine taken by tragedy
Alpine High School (Source: KWES)

As the Alpine community moves forward, they are hurting, but former Congressman Pete Gallego tells us parents will definitely hug their children a little tighter before they walk out the door and be a little nicer to their neighbors.

The warm and loving community, once known as innocent, was completely shaken up yesterday.

Gallego says all Alpine residents will become even more close knit than before by putting one foot in front of the other and move forward stronger than ever.

"The innocence of Alpine was somewhat shattered yesterday but I think we pick up the pieces and we move on," Gallego said. "It is a wonderful place with wonderful people, you know random acts of violence can happen anywhere."

Gallego, who has been an Alpine resident his entire life, says a tragedy like this has never occurred in the area.

"Were they ready? I mean no one ever wants to be ready but they were and they handled it well, and I think that says a lot about them," Gallego said. "I mean they put the kids first."

Alpine is making the national news for their tragedy, something the community thought would ever happen in the small and tranquil town.

"I mean tragedy can strike anywhere, but it does bring out the best in people and we saw that here, yesterday," Gallego said.

"The initial shock is something that you have a hard time with, your mind doesn't grasp it for a while," he said.

The National Organization for Victim's Assistance has offered counseling to the community.

Gallego says gun control has been a topic across the nation, but now it really hit home.

All Alpine ISD classes have been cancelled today as families and students try to cope to make sense of the tragedy that occurred yesterday.

All sporting events have been rescheduled for tomorrow.

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