Odessa resident on edge after teens attempt to break into her home

Odessa resident on edge after teens attempt to break into her home

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa mother got the scare of her life. She said two teens tried to break into her home in broad daylight.

On Tuesday afternoon, a resident on the 900 block of E. 21st St. heard someone knock on her door. She was busy so she couldn't answer right away.

It wasn't until 10 minutes later that she noticed something was wrong.

Surveillance video caught one of the teens knocking on the door. He waited and then knocked again.

"My camera at the front door alerted me that there was somebody at the front door knocking. Well I didn't answer the door because I thought maybe the kid just wanted to mow the lawn and I was on a business call so I couldn't get away from the computer," said the resident.

When no one answered, you see the teen walking off the porch and out of sight of the camera.

The resident didn't want to show her face for safety reasons.

She said the teens jumped her fence and tried to move the screen to her window.

"When they saw me, they took off running through the backyard. I was frightened. I didn't know what they were doing at first," said the resident. "When it kinda came to me, I went and checked on my son."

The story doesn't end there. On Wednesday Morning, she heard her dogs barking. She believes the burglars came back, this time chased off by her dog.

She found some tools in an alley behind her house. The resident said all of the tools have been turned over to the police. She just hopes the evidence will be enough to catch the culprits.

"You need to get your act straight and stay in school and earn your things the correct way and not try to steal from people who work hard and earn their belongings," she said.

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