BSISD parents have mixed emotions about tardy policy

BSISD parents have mixed emotions about tardy policy

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A post in the Big Spring Issues page on Facebook has gotten a lot of traction concerning Big Spring Independent School District's tardy policy.

The letter sent to parents lists out different punishments for students who are tardy. If the child is tardy three times, the child receives a warning.

If the child is tardy four to six times, the child receives after school detention or swats.

Many parents argued their child should not be hit by a teacher or administrator.

Other parents say their kids need to be in school on time or suffer the consequences.

"There have been consequences for tardiness for as long as I can remember and I graduated from Big Spring High School in 1983," George Bancroft with the BSISD. "The policy mentioned in the letter is the same policy that was in effect last year."

Parents must sign a form giving the school permission in order for their children to get swats.

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