Midland Tot has Olympic Dreams

Midland Tot has Olympic Dreams

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Little Brylea Robinson is a gymnastics powerhouse. She's young, compact and she can tumble with the best of them.

"I got first in all three," she said.

6 year-old Brylea has accomplished a lot at her young age. She went to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she competed in nationals, this summer. She came back with a neck full of medals.

"She did. She won gold in all three events. I have never had an athlete win gold in all three. As far as I know, I don't think anybody has," said her coach.

Brylea works out at Miller's Gymnastic, in midland. Her coach Curtis miller has been working with her since she was three years old. Needless to say, he's very pleased with what she's done so far.

"We started off with Brylea as a level 3. Now, in the time she has been competing, she's moved all the way to a level 6 and 7. 10 is the top level you try to get to," he commented.

Just like our U.S. Olympic athletes, Brylea has her own, personal cheering section, her mother and grandmother.

"Any grandmother, who's got a child like Brylea, is always going to brag," says Vonda Kepple.

Vonda and Curtis agree, Brylea is her own toughest critic. She doesn't like it when she doesn't do an element, just right. Even at this young age, she'll accept nothing less than perfection.

According to Curtis, "We push these kids very hard, because the skill level that she is achieving is demanding a lot of work to get it right and make sure it stays safe. She really takes the corrections well and she will, actually, get disappointed in herself, if a trick doesn't go, just right. She is a perfectionist."

Brylea wasn't the only one to medal at Nationals. Other team members competed in Tulsa, too.  Thus proving there is some great, young talent, in West Texas.

Brylea has a way of just tumbling her way into your heart.  She knows where she's at and where she wants to be, when she grows up.

"Olympics," she said.

"I would say, if somebody has that needle in a haystack chance to make it, she has got everything it takes," said Curtis.

"You hear from the judges at the competition, that this child is amazingly talented. Everyone always tells us we will see her at the Olympics," added her grandmother.

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