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Midland neighborhood fearful of increasing amount of rattlesnakes in community

Rattlesnake found in Midland. (Source: Ryan LeJeune) Rattlesnake found in Midland. (Source: Ryan LeJeune)
(Source: Ryan LeJeune) (Source: Ryan LeJeune)

Residents in Midland are worried for the safety of their families and pets, that's because they've seen an increasing amount of rattlesnakes in the past couple weeks.

"The snakes are starting to get in everyone's yard, we're starting to see that more frequent," said Midland resident Ryan LeJeune. 

LeJeune said the snakes have been found in grass and even on front porches at Lone Star Trails in Midland. Pets have already fallen victims to the rattlesnakes that have started slithering around.

It's gotten so bad, they've made a community watch group.

"In the past two weekends when the guys and their wives went out to go looking [for rattlesnakes] the first weekend we found 14 and the second weekend a little over 10," said LeJeune. "So, there's a lot of them."

LeJeune checks his yard every time before letting his dogs out. Ways to discourage snakes from your yard are by cutting the grass, clearing piles of clutter and picking up any left over wood. If you come across a rattlesnake make sure you are prepared. If not, call someone who is.

"Once you kill them, their head will still carry the venom and it'll still snap back and fourth," said LeJeune. "People have gotten bit by a dead snakes by the head just going up and down in a biting motion."

If you do get bit by a rattlesnake, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department recommends you keep as calm as possible in order to reduce the spread of venom, remove tight fitting clothes or jewelry and get medical attention as soon as possible.

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