Family upset child was given ADHD medication by mistake

Family upset child was given ADHD medication by mistake

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland family is upset their child was given ADHD medication by a school nurse for a condition the child doesn't have.

Johnny Sparks said his step-son brought the mistake to their attention after asking him and his mom if he ever had ADHD. Sparks said the mistake happened when the school nurse at DeZavala Elementary mixed up the names of his child and another student at the school.

"Medication mess with people's body differently and it wasn't prescribed to our child by a doctor at all," said Sparks

Sparks said he immediately spoke to officials with the Midland Independent School District about a solution. We reached out to M.I.S.D. and they responded with a statement in part that read: "Student safety is our number one priority in Midland I.S.D. and any incident that threatens student safety will be addressed appropriately. An incident that took place earlier this week is being reviewed by administration. M.I.S.D. has a long successful history of providing professional supportive health services for our 24,000 students and continues to work every day to maintain that reputation."

Sparks added they held the 10-year-old out of school on Thursday to get a drug test done and wants to see action taken against the person who made the mistake.

"We have asked if our child has to go to the school nurse from here on out, we get an immediate phone call. They are not allowed to treat our child without us being present," said Sparks.

Sparks said the fifth grader returned to school on Friday and hopes no other parent has to go through this.

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