Midland I.S.D. interim superintendent talks about education goals on first day

Midland I.S.D. interim superintendent talks about education goals on first day

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland I.S.D. interim superintendent, Rod Schroder, said it's only his first day but he's already thinking of ways to give students the maximum education. He said the change will start with the key employees, the teachers.

Before coming to Midland, Schroder spent 42 years with Amarillo I.S.D., 15 of those years were as superintendent.

Schroder said he sees a lot of similarities between the Amarillo and Midland school districts. Schroder estimates he'll be with M.I.S.D. between six to months. That timing depends on how long it takes for a replacement to be found.

He said he doesn't see himself staying in this position long term, but wants to use the time here to help M.I.S.D. get on track.

"I'm interested in helping assist the staff," said Schroder. "I really do believe the PLC (Professional Learning Committee) philosophy is the right system. I'm impressed with the district leadership here and their thought process and their desire to make improvements."

Schroder also spoke to talk about some of the problems he's already taken note of. Those problems are system problems and the way business is done.

"Making improvements is a difficult challenge for us as humans because we get comfortable with the way we do things," said Schroder. "The world changes and sometimes we have to do things differently. Just look at technology, clearly people have had to learn different skills."

Schroder went on to list the first three things to tackle in order to improve education at M.I.S.D.

The first is making sure all educators have a growth mindset, where they believe all students can grow. Second, Schroder said educators need to understand they are the ones responsible for creating systems where students will succeed. Third, is a good instructional process to make all of these changes happen.

"We have to identify the weaknesses in our curriculum, where we can improve our teaching," said Schroder. "Then make those improvements so the kids can have the skill and knowledge they need."

Lastly, Schroder spoke about his diverse background, he said he's made it a point to be around a variety of cultures. He believes this will help him connect with all students.

Schroder said he wants all students to be successful and his job is to help the teachers grow to make that happen.

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