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Mikey, the Midland Petroleum Museum's tortoise, back home after being taken

Mikey the tortoise back home (Source: KWES) Mikey the tortoise back home (Source: KWES)

Mikey, the Midland Petroleum Museum's tortoise, was taken from its enclosure Monday night.

When Mikey did not come out Tuesday or come out to eat Wednesday morning, the museum staff immediately reported it to the Midland Police Department and also posted the discovery on their social media page.

We spoke with Kathy Shannon, Executive Director of the museum, who believes Mikey was carried over a fence and taken Monday night.  

A man who was house hunting with his wife came across the tortoise in a yard and picked him up. He saw the post on Facebook and called the museum. Mikey was returned Wednesday afternoon.

But that's just one of the Petroleum Museum's recent problems. Three weeks ago, the museum's rotary rig was vandalized. 

"It's big letters like you would see on railroad cars like that, in black paint or something, but Pioneer is going to get that off for us and repaint that sub-structure so we are very appreciative that Pioneer will come in and help us do that," said Shannon.

Shannon does not believe both crimes were committed by the same person. 

If anyone knows anything about either crime contact the Midland Petroleum Museum.

As of right now, Mikey the tortoise is back home.  He won't be allowed to stay out at night and the museum is looking into buying some more surveillance cameras.

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