Family of 11 forced to start over after losing home in flood

Family of 11 forced to start over after losing home in flood

SEMINOLE, TX (KWES) - The Klassen family's home is night and day after flooding from rain in Seminole earlier this week caused them to evacuate their home. The 11 members of the family are now staying in a hotel after they said up to two feet of water was in their home.

Nancy Klassen, who lost her home in the flood, said, "I was up all night trying to save some chickens, dogs and cats. By Monday, we had four more inches."

The family said they lost most of their belongings from clothes, beds and blankets, including three of the five dogs they owned. The refrigerator floating still had food in it. The family added picking up the pieces have been tough for them.

"We leave the kids sometimes at a friend's house. We are devastated this has happened," said Klassen.

As the family looks to move forward, they are thankful for all the support from the Red Cross, local churches and schools have given them. The family added they can only hope for the best.

"There's not much you can do, just wait and see. I just wish I can go in there and get everything out and clean it," said Klassen.

The family told us that even though they may have lost all their belongings they are glad everyone is safe.

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