Midland mom facing child abuse, abandonment charges

Midland mom facing child abuse, abandonment charges

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Sara Deleon was arrested last Thursday and today police released details about her arrest.

The arrest affidavit said police were tipped off by neighbor that two kids were home alone with no food.

Records said when police arrived they found trash on the floor and rotten food on the tables and counter.

Police were told by the children that they lived in the home with their mother and walked home from school.

Court documents said the children didn't know where their mom was or how to reach her.

Arrest records showed the children told them they would usually be home for almost five hours after school.

The arrest affidavit said relatives arrived and told police Deleon leaves the kids alone frequently and the home is always a disaster.

The affidavit said 45 minutes after police arrived Deleon arrived and explained she did tell the children they may have to walk home from school but she used her lunch break to check on them.

Child Protective Services arrived on scene a short time later and told police they visited with Deleon after reports of abuse two weeks prior. It was then one of the children explained to police Deleon hit them after an argument over a cell phone with a metal broom handle on the arm, leg, and head.

The affidavit said the kids were placed with the father and in Deleon faces three counts of abandonment of a child with intent to return and one count of injury to a child.

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