"Kari's Law" to take effect on Sept. 1

"Kari's Law" to take effect on Sept. 1

(KWES) - When you call 911, it's supposed to be an easy number to dial. But for one girl, that wasn't the case.

After a tragic incident in Marshall, Texas, in 2013, companies in Texas, especially motels and hotels, will now have to be in compliance with a new law.

Senate Bill 788, or Kari's Law, was signed by Governor Greg Abbott last year after the tragic murder of a Texas woman. The law is named after Kari Rene Hunt who was killed by her husband, Brad Allen Dunn. He pled guilty for the murder of Hunt at a motel.

Hunt's daughter, 9, tried calling 911 four times from the motel room, not knowing she had to dial 9 first.

By September 1, all companies will now have phone lines where dialing 911 will give the caller direct access to a dispatcher.

If you're a business owner and can't configure your telephone system by September 1, you can request a waiver with Texas 911. However, business owners must call their phone line providers to to make sure that their phone can dial directly to 911.

We reached out to Ector and Midland County 911. They said there's no way in telling which exact businesses are in compliance. But they have been receiving very little calls from businesses inquiring about configuring their systems.

Now, you can save one life by just pushing three buttons.

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