Social media unites 2 women after an act of kindness

Social media unites 2 women after an act of kindness
(Source: Cali Thomas' Facebook)
(Source: Cali Thomas' Facebook)

A pregnant Midland woman found the kind stranger who saved her from the heat at the High Sky Wing AIRSHO this past weekend. It's all thanks to the power of social media.

Cali Thomas, five months pregnant, was cramping and overheating after being in the sun at the air show on Saturday. When she and her husband decided to walk to a misting station, a woman started moving people so Thomas could sit down.

Thomas said the woman started pouring water all over her to cool her down but Thomas eventually passed out and was taken to the hospital.

She began searching for the kind stranger through social media and began making posts in hopes of finding her.

"I remember her coming into the medic station before I was taken to the hospital by ambulance, saying she was praying for me," said Thomas. "I don't know what she looked like or even her name. But I sure would like to thank her!"

The posts began to circulate and eventually, the stranger, Lynn Markgraf, was found to have also made posts about the incident in which she said, "Pray she's okay and bambino fine. Never a dull moment."

The two reached out to each other and connected through messages.

"God works in mysterious ways! Almost brought me to tears," said Thomas.

Thomas told us she is busy with appointments today but we will follow this story as they both reunite in person this week.

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