Midland family catches vandals on camera

Midland family catches vandals on camera

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The Juarez family of Midland said they have been subject to vandals in the past, which is why they put security cameras around their home. But despite knowing this kind of thing does happen, they say it's disappointing and upsetting it doesn't seem to stop.

"Now days you've got to have cameras on the house, cameras in the car man," resident of the vandalized home Joel Juarez said. "It's crazy over here now."

Late last night the Juarez family dogs were barking up a storm, but they didn't think much of it. But when they checked their security camera footage, they found something quite surprising.

Two vandals, tearing out their lights, taking off the covers to cars and more. But what was more surprising was how old the two vandals appeared to be, the family saying they don't seem to be older than 12 years old, out destroying property past their legal curfew.

"It's true," Juarez said. "I mean kids this young, being out this late. Where are the parents at? Is the question. It's just dumb, sorry to say it but you've got to do some better parenting."

After going to church and picking up a little bit of the mess left by the children, the family then went to purchase new lighting as their old ones were now unusable, sitting in a fountain in their front yard.

The cost would come out to almost 400, but they say this isn't about the money, but about what's right and what's wrong.

"What you think is pleasure, you're actually hurting other people, Juarez said. "It's bad, it's really bad. Kids out there need to change it up. Parents out there, not all parents, I'm not saying every single parent. But it could be better, it could be better for the kids. It's just disrespectful to us, what's happening. The stuff that's happening to us."

The family says they attempted to reach out to police but have yet to meet with an officer to file a report.

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