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Local church helps refresh school at South Elementary

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(Source: KWES) (Source: KWES)

A local Midland church is starting the school year off on a fresh note by redecorating the South Elementary School in Midland.

The outreach group God Bless Midland with First Methodist Midland met Sunday morning to brighten up the rooms by adding color to walls, placing several tetherball poles, refreshing teacher’s lounges, stocking them and bringing life to bless the school.

They said 84% of students at South Elementary are economically disadvantaged. God Bless Midland said they want to ensure students and teachers start the school year refreshed with its new look.

“This is the way for our church to touch the community,” said Tom with God Bless Midland. “We’re investing hundreds of man hours of labor, that’s something these schools just can’t get.”

South Elementary assistant principal Mrs. Burnett said she is glad to be working along with the team early Sunday morning.

“I’m just beyond blessed that they have chosen our school and they’re here to help,” said Burnett. “I just want to be here and lend my hand and my husband’s hand to do anything we can do to help out.”

God Bless Midland is always looking for volunteers to help with future events. To connect with them, you can visit their website here.

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