Parents six months behind on child support won't be able to renew vehicle registration

Parents six months behind on child support won't be able to renew vehicle registration
(Source: KFDA)

(KWES) - Reaction to the new law set to go into effect sometime next month was swift. The office of the attorney general says the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles can send a denial of motor vehicle registrations for parents who have gone at least six months without making child support payments.

Jimmy Cooper a Greenwood resident said, "Most of the jobs in this area are going to require you to drive somewhere so couldn't make a living for yourself let alone let alone pay any child support."

Jessica Garcia an Odessa resident said, "That's why they shouldn't ignore paying. Your obligated to pay something then you need to pay it so you're not in that situation."

The law stated parents will be notified 90 days before their registrations are set to expire and for the and parents who have more than one vehicle then all of them will be affected.

Viewers commented on our social media post about the law on both sides: One post read, "Kids still need necessities regardless of the situation." Another read, "How is someone supposed to make payments if he or she can't drive."

Some believed there were other ways to punish those who are late on child support payments and believed getting money taken out of a parent's paycheck is a better solution but everyone agreed the health and wellness of a child or children takes precedent.

"It's your duty. It's your responsibility as a mother or father that you should do your part to take care of that child because you certainly did your part to bring that child into this world," said Cooper.

The OAG has a dedicated phone line for all denial of motor vehicle registration renewal issues. Parents can call (866) 646-5611 to make payment arrangements.

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