Big Spring City Council discusses numerous items during meeting

Big Spring City Council discusses numerous items during meeting
City of Big Spring, Texas (Source: KWES)

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Tuesday was the first of two public hearings for the city of Big Spring's proposed budget.

A local businessman argued against a two cent tax increase saying during a time of economic hardship, raising taxes on property owners is not a good idea.

A final public hearing on the tax and the budget will be in September.

Meanwhile, the first reading for the animal rescue and adoption committee was unanimously approved by the council.

The committee will work with other organizations to help the city reach its goal of having a no kill shelter by 2017.

Right now, applications for the committee are being accepted.

Finally, the city manager says the heat is to blame for the smell of big spring's water.

Todd Darden said the smell comes from how the heat affects Lake Thomas and that the water treatment plant isn't set up to take out the smell.

He says more manganese in the water is what's turning it a different color.

The water treatment plant is already using new ways to remove the mineral.

Darden says neither the smell or the color of the water are dangerous under state regulations.

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