Authorities confirm double murder-suicide in Sanderson

Authorities confirm double murder-suicide in Sanderson

SANDERSON, TX (KWES) - In most small towns, word travels quickly.

According to one resident, Sanderson is no different, especially when that word is a murder and what kind of weapon was used.

That's what officials are saying when Zachary Hastings killed his ex-girlfriend, Shanya Ashbaker, and her current boyfriend, David Martinez.

Sheriff Clint McDonald said the word traveled fast. Not only because of the killings but because Hastings used an AK-47 on the two while they were reportedly sleeping.

McDonald said though he hasn't seen anything like this in his time as Sheriff, it definitely has an affect on the people in town.

"Of a county of about 2500 square miles and you've got about 800 people. Everyone knows everyone, it's like losing members of your family," said McDonald.

?One local resident, who was taking a stroll Monday afternoon, was shocked to hear about the use of a heavy weapon used in his small town.

Though he's upset with the situation, he's glad it didn't escalate any further.

"We don't have that happen here. We hear about it happening in other places, especially with a military weapon like that, oh my goodness. I'm surprised if he was so upset like that, in a passionate mood, he didn't go out and start shooting around," the resident said.

The investigation is still ongoing even though McDonald says Hastings did leave a letter admitting his guilt.

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